Ocean Freight

95% of international trade by volume and over 60% by value moves by water.  Ocean liners, offering scheduled services, and tramp operators offering ad hoc services carry myriad types of merchandise from port-to-port; in containers, as bulk or break-bulk cargo.  Whatever the type of cargo you need to move and in whatever quantities, offer you the right service.

Statutory Requirements

Documentation:  We will provide you assistance as far as documents are concerned whether required at the origin or destination for commercial as well as personal movements.

Full-Container Load (FCL)

The marine container has, since the 1060s, revolutionized the way shipping lines carry cargo and also revolutionized the manner in which international trade is undertaken.  Be it readymade-garments from India, computers & accessories from Taiwan, manufactured goods from mainland China, aircraft spares from the United States, fruits & vegetables from South Asia – our team is in touch with container liners in every port in the globe.  Besides standard boxes, we also offer ventilated/refrigerated, open-top, flat-rack and all other types of movement solutions for you international sales and purchases.

Less-than-full Container Load (LCL)

You have merchandise in smaller lots that can’t be cost-effectively shipped by air.  No problem.  We offer you LCL services that can move these goods from & to any part of the world.  Just hand over the goods and requisite documents and leave the rest to us.